An investigation of tsunami hazard

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書名:An investigation of tsunami hazard
作者:Lin, I-chen (林意楨)
出版項:Ann Arbor, Mich. : University Microfilms International, 1990
索書號:GC 221.2.L55 1990


An indirect method for determining tsunami hazard is presented using simple seismological and hydrodynamic models. The seismological model assumes that submarine earthquakes of the dip-strike type can occur, with equal likelihood, anywhere along a well-defined straight fault and that the site of interest lies on the perpendicular bisector of and far removed from the fault. The ground dislocation is elliptical in the plane view with an elliptical crest and the major axis of ground dislocation may make an orientation of angle (phi) with the fault line. The probability density function of (phi) is uniformly distributed in the range between -(pi)/12 and (pi)/12 radians. The hydrodynamic model is based on linear nondispersive long wave theory. It is assumed that the earth is flat with constant water depth and the ocean is infinite in the horizontal extent. The maximum water level at the site is then related to seismic moment M(,o), angle (phi), and d, the location of tsunamigenic earthquake on the fault. The probability of the event that the water level at a site exceeds an arbitrary but specified level is derived and computed. A sensitivity study is performed to determine the importance of various parameters.

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