EU food law : protecting consumers and health in a common market

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書名:EU food law : protecting consumers and health in a common market
作者:MacMaolain, Caoimhin
出版項:Oxford : Hart, 2007.
索書號:KJE 6778.M33 2007

EU food law 
This is the first comprehensive analysis of the European Union law of food regulation. It details the way in which EU law impacts upon the production and sale of food throughout the Union. It examines the legal protection accorded to the free movement of food within the EU, discussing those circumstances in which Member States may derogate from this principle, in particular where this is done to protect human health or safeguard consumer interests. Chapter four discusses and places in context the international trade law influences on EU food law. Chapter five describes EU responses to recent food safety crises - avian influenza and BSE. The book also deals with issues such as nutrition law and policy, obesity, GMOs, organic food, animal welfare and food naming and labelling. This book offers an account of the historical, political, sociological and jurisprudential context of European Union food law. The author, who is an academic and consultant in this area, translates the legal and scientific complexities of food law into a lucid and compelling narrative. The resulting work will also prove an indispensable guide to the practitioner.

Hart Publishing, Oxford

Author Introduction: 
Caoimhín MacMaoláin is a Lecturer in Law at Trinity College, Dublin.  

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  1. andyching

    You have explained this well, Have you been working on this a long time?? Do you think you have described everything correctly though I have noticed some common mistakes but I get the point your making? I will link your blog to mine.

  2. Sunny

    Dear Andyching,
    we cited this book abstracts from the Hart Publishing, Oxford. If you have any further questions, please contact the author, thanks!